The Construction of Fiction Through Personal Experience in the Work of William Saroyan and Jack Kerouac: The Autobiographical Component of Literary Experience

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This study demonstrates how William Saroyan and Jack Kerouac used autobiographical elements in constructing their fiction. Both Kerouac and Saroyan used writing about childhood experiences and striking out to find their places in the world as means of create ideas about who they were and what they could be.


"Dr. Spedaliere has very thoroughly and systemically explained the significance of its contribution to literary research. Carefully outlining the scholarship that has already approached Jack Kerouac and William Saroyan's reliance on personal experience in developing their characters, Dr. Spedaliere goes one step further in his suggestion that this autobiographical approach enabled both authors to find their place within the world and attempt to make sense of the society around them."
Dr. Carole Waterhouse,
California University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents


Author's Preface


Chapter One: Understanding the Reasoning Behind the Use of the Autobiographic

Chapter Two: Understanding Saroyan and His Use of the Autobiographic

Chapter Three: Understanding the Use of the Autobiographic in The Town and the City

Chapter Four: And Now, Jack Duluoz

Chapter Five: Side by Side - Comparing How Saroyan and Kerouac Used the Autobiographic




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