The Boston School of Harpsichord Building: Reminiscences of William Dowd, Eric Herz and Frank Hubbard by the People Who Knew and Worked with Them

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"[In this book I] continue the story of the Boston School of Harpsichord told by some of the apprentices and successors still with us who have gone on to become successful builders, restorers, and experts in the field. Their eyewitness accounts add new dimensions to our understanding and appreciation of a glorious period in the history of harpsichord building." -Mark Kroll (Preface)

This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2019.

Table of Contents

Part I-William Dowd
Chapter 1-Greg Bover
Chapter 2-Jay Scott Odell
Chapter 3-Red Regier
Chapter 4-David Winston
Part II-Eric Herz
Chapter 1-Hendrik Broekman
Chapter 2-Forrest Dillon
Chapter 3-Michael Herz
Chapter 4-Allan Winkler
Part III-Frank Hubbard
Chapter 1-Hendrik Broekman
Chapter 2-Robert Smith
Chapter 3-Thomas and Barbara Wolf
Part IV-William Dowd-Paris
Chapter 1-Reinhard von Nagel
Appendix I: Forrest Dillon: Notes from Herz Workshop
Appendix II: Hendrik Broekman: Drawings and Instruments From the Hubbard, Hubbard & Dowd
and Hubbard-Broekman Workshops

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