The Americanzation of Lay Catholics on Organized Labor: The American Catholic Labor Schools

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"In response to Americanism, lay Catholics utilized a "via media" strategy through labor education. The pragmatic American culture conflicted with the Church's orientation of social goals above individual practice. However, the labor schools blended both Catholic dogmas with American values into a collaborative assimilation.... The principles of individualism, democratization and egalitarianism embedded into the American consciousness were systematically conducted by the laity into the character of the American Catholic Church through the paradigm of labor education. These values were not disparaged but enhanced when aligned with the principles contained within the social encyclicals." -Paul Lubienecki

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: American Labor Pains. An introduction to Labor, Catholics and the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 2: Rerum Novarum: The Church Embraces the Modern World of the Worker
Chapter 3: Exceptionalism and the Americanism Heresy: Antecedents to a Catholic Response
Chapter 4: Between the Encyclicals: Protestants, Progressives and the Evolution of American Catholic Social Engagement
Chapter 5: Quadragesimo Anno. The Laity Empowered, The Church Militant
Chapter 6: America's Lay Catholics Respond. The Association of Catholic Trade Unionists and Catholic Labor Education
Chapter 7: Catholic Labor Education on The Great Lakes: The Diocesan Labor College of Buffalo
Chapter 8: The Cleveland ACTU and Catholic Labor Education
Chapter 9: The Implications of American Catholic Labor Schools

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