The American Piano Industry: Episodes in the History of a Great Enterprise

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"...I came upon the rich holdings of the New York Public Library in print copies of historical music-trade journals, which, I discovered, focused almost entirely on the American piano industry. ...My first significant use of this large body of literary material was my Newsletter reprinting of a selection of editor Harry Edward Freund's articles propounding his plan for a ritual bonfire of square pianos at Atlantic City. This event became a legend in the history of the American piano, and my fascination with the story led to my full study of the subject, which now serves as the basis of one of the chapters in this book." -William E. Hettrick (Preface)

This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2020.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The American Piano-Supply Industry in the Nineteenth Century: A Gathering of Parts
Chapter 2. Joseph P. Hale, Legendary Piano Manufacturer
Chapter 3. Pitching the Goods: Piano Advertising in the Golden Years
Chapter 4. Gilding the Lily: The Mandolin Attachment
Chapter 5: John J. Swick, Obscure Piano Manufacturer
Chapter 6: Harry Edward Freund and His Great Square-Piano Bonfire: A Tale Told in the Press

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