Terrorism and Espionage in the Middle East

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This work represents an ambitious, controversial, revisionist examination of a number of important terroristic events of the past thirty years. It focuses, principally, upon the critical Israeli/Palestinian struggle that has, in many ways, defined thought and action about the terrorist phenomenon. Conventional, partisan explanations of some of these cruel, violent acts, part of what has been called ‘the scourge of our times,’ seem unsatisfactory to those who approach them, on an informerd basis, with a more open mind. Alternatives are explored here as what is suggested has been a well-organized, clandestine struggle by Israel to contain what otherwise might have proven an insupportable burden for that nation to have carried on its own.

What is essayed, in this lengthy review, is a scholarly, non-judgmental exposition of a remarkable, perhaps unique, counter-terrorism strategy. Its success resides in the very strength of the beliefs which this work is designed to challenge. The subject is breathtaking in its scope and potential, and the authors are all too conscious of how much farther their explorations may have taken them. History will judge how much of their thesis is to be accepted at face value. This is a seminal effort destined to cast light upon a dark area of strategic deception. Much is left to be said, but this foundation may serve to persuade others, especially qualified and unprejudiced, to build upon it.


“This is a scholarly work that focuses upon a narrow range of subject matter within the burgeoning field of terrorism studies. Perhaps its greatest value lies in the courageous challenge it poses to conventional assumptions typically proffered by others to the public concerning terrorism and counter terrorism in our times. The content of the broad and in-depth material of this book is the product of some twenty years of labor by a most experienced analyst and writer in this field and whose previous work has demonstrated patient, diligent and unbiased explorations in this area of study ... More importantly, this book, in a sense, is also a forward looking work. The lessons adduced from the inferences drawn from the evidence to support the arguments provide guidance for considering and reconsidering various events that lie outside the framework of this historical material. Hence, their interpretations can be applied to present and future terrorist acts ... The theory set out in the central theme of the book is designed to stimulate discussion and subject itself to the objective scrutiny by genuine colleagues in the field of terrorism studies. It is clear that the book is written in the spirit of debate, not judgment and it is commended accordingly.” – (from the Commendatory Preface) J. Eric Reed, Criminal Defense Attorney

“This is a formidable work of scholarship with particular appeal to specialists in the field of counter-terrorism. It is a novel, and, in many ways, a controversial approach to an especially difficult subject area. The authors seek a pattern in the cases analyzed to explain the otherwise inexplicable. The central thesis, reduced to simple terms, is that things in the field of terrorism are often far from what, superficially, they seem to be or, alternatively, how they are described by others. Taking the maxim, who benefits, as the guide, the authors describe and review a number of puzzling examples of terroristic events that have occurred over a number of years and suggest a pattern of countermeasures of extraordinary political significance that characterizes certain phases of the War on Terror. Throughout, the authors maintain a commendable, even balance as the reader is led delicately through a veritable partisan, emotional quagmire. This is a very large text, but the presentation is entertaining and lively throughout. It is challenging and of value as much to the security professional as to the academic.” – Deborah M. Galvin, Ph.D., CST, Project Director, HHS/SAMHSA

Table of Contents

Preface by J. Eric Reed
1. Terrorism and Espionage: The Pit of Cerastes
2. The Mystery of Abu Nidal
3. Syrian Snapshots: Damascus in a Tight Frame
4. Desert Mirages: Qathaffi and the Terrorism Spectre
5. Doing Dangerous Things in Dangerous Places
6. Death Descends on Lockerbie: Pan Am 103
7. Pointing the Finger and Fingering the Point
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