THE DEVELOPING SCHISM WITHIN THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 1960-2010: Social Justice, Ordination of Women, Charismatics, Homosexuality, Extra-Territorial Bishops, Etc.

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This work is an examination of the historical, cultural and theological factors that have shaped this debate within the Episcopal Church. This book includes several
personal interviews, showcasing the diversity of views held on these issues. This book contains four color photographs and two black and white photographs.


“ As a philosopher, Dr. James captures the spirit of postmodernism and its impact on the church. Reminding the church of its existence as a counter- cultural witness, she raises profound questions about the church and its future.”
­-The Rev. Elly Sparks Brown
All Saints Episcopal Church Princeton, New Jersey

“[The author’s] narrative style and her attention to the theological debate breathe life into the history of this Anglican schism.”
-Prof. Sharon Dahlgren Voros
United States Naval Academy

Table of Contents

Chapter One
The Changing Episcopal Church. The Influence of the 1960s.

Chapter Two
The 1960s Social Justice Influence: The Life and Ministry of Bishop James Pike. T

Chapter Three
The 1960s Charismatic Renewal. The Praising Confrontation Dennis Bennett.

Chapter Four
The Changing Character of the Episcopal Church. Ordination of Women. Gay Liberation in the Episcopal Church.

Chapter Five
Powerful African Leaders. African Anglicans. East African Revival. Reflexive Action from Africa. Ugandan Christianity.

Chapter Six
1990s Confrontations. The Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey. Radical Episcopal Leaders. A Coming Out Gay Bishop, Otis Charles.

Chapter Seven
The Development of the Charismatic Churches. A Moment of Peaceful Ordinations.

Chapter Eight
New Doors Open. The Turmoil Begins. The Leadership of Peter Akinola.

Chapter Nine
Episcopal General Convention, 2006. The Exodus Begins.

Chapter Ten
The New Colonialism: Seeking a Balance. Chancellor David Booth Beers. Theological Reception. Rushing for the Reformation. Healing from the 1960s.

Chapter Eleven
The Great Divide. The Rev. Luis León. The Deposition of Katharine Jefferts Schori.

Chapter Twelve
The Future of the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Structure. Questions for Further Inquiry. Archbishop Rowan Williams Speaks Out. Judgment in the Household of God.

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