THE CHANGING FACES OF CHILEAN POETRY A Translation of Avant Garde, Women’s, and Protest Poetry

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This study is devoted to illustrating the translations of selected Chilean poets to provide resources for scholars interested in Chilean poetry, history, and culture. Incorporating various elements of translation theory the author takes into account the continuous interaction of linguistic, cultural, and historical elements.


“ . . .while Sandra Herron offers us a wide examination of notable protagonists constituting male and female characters who signal the vitality of male and female poetry in Chile; she also directs out attention to the unlimited frontier of language in experimental writing in order to create and expand a cultural space of Chilean poets in twentieth-century Hispanic America.” - Ana Maria Zurbuch, Associate Spanish Professor, Collin College

“The under-represented body of work is presented with the understanding that only comes from a shared heritage of the work. . . . A shared cultural base brings the translated works an infusion of the true soul of Chile.” – Teresa M. Danner, Career Specialist, Collin County Community College

“Translation is an art that requires an artist—especially the translation of poetry. . . . The translations of the poems, in particular the poems by Chilean women, are not only readable, but also exquisite. Dr Herron has captured these poets’ voices—to read the poems is to hear them.” - Robert S. Nelson, Associate Professor, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, the University of Texas at Dallas

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ana Maria Zurbuch Acknowledgements
1. Chilean Male Poets of the Avant-garde generation
2. Chilean Women’s Poetry
3. Chilean Protest Poetry

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