Exposition of Jose De Acosta’s Historia Natural y Moral De Las Indias 1590 the Emergence of an Anthropological Vision of Colonial Latin America

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. The Cultural Context of Late 16th-Century Peru: The Word in America; Las Casas’s Missionary Treatise; Early Missionary Efforts; Contextual Analysis; Biographical Notes on Acosta; Acosta in Peru; Legal and Philosophical Development; Andean Upheaval; Colonial Organization; Arrival of the Jesuits in Peru
2. Acosta Reads America – Ethnological Visions and European Filters: Writing of HNM; Structural Influences; Pliny; The Chain of Being; Free Agency; Amerindians as Rational Beings; HNM’s Uniqueness; Insertion and Legitimization; European Taxonomies; Cultural Evolution; hierarchical Categories as Early Anthropology; Objectives; Formulas; Proemio to DPI; HNM’s Categories; Belief System Polarity
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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