Amerindian Elements in the Poetry of Rubén Darío: The Alter Ego as the Indigenous Other

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This study explores the indigenous presence in the works of Rubén Darío, one of the most important and influential literary figures in the Spanish-speaking world. The work uncovers indigenous thematic, symbolic, mythological, and stylistic influences in Darío’s poetry, and reveals his deep social concerns along with the duality of his poetic inspiration, both European and Amerindian.


“ . . . Dr. Morrow has uncovered a rich vein of Darío’s Americanist identity. . . . [The author’s] book demonstrates the value of focusing on the creative contribution of a great author rather than being preoccupied with the opinions of fellow critics.” – Dr. Keith Ellis, Ph.D., Dr. Fil., FRSC, Professor Emeritus of Spanish, University of Toronto

“. . . Morrow has come forth with a new and audacious study. . . . As [the author] has demonstrated, one will never know the real Darío unless one considers the indigenous influence in his work, since his poetry is the product of his Amerindian soul and his Mestizo identity.” – Professor Luis Alberto Vittor, Technical Support Person for Scientific Research, John F. Kennedy Argentine University

“I hope that U.S. scholars and faculty can read [this] book and share [the author’s] enthusiasm for Darío in particular, and about Latin America in general.” – Dr. Sergio Inestrosa, Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Culture, Endicott College

"In this meticulously researched and richly detailed study of the poetry of Rubén Darío, [Morrow] makes an original and serious contribution to the Nicaraguan poet's work and to our sense of the influence of indigenous cultures on Latin American elite cultural production." - Prof. Anne Lambright, Associate Professor of Languages and Literature, Trinity College

Table of Contents

Preface by Keith Ellis
Introductory Study by Luis Alberto Vittor
1 Critical Contextualization
2 Early Works
3 Azul. . . (1888)
4 Prosas profanas (1896)
5 Cantos de vida y esperanza. . . (1905)
6 El canto errante (1907) 7 Poema del otoño and Otros poemas (1910)
8 Canto a la Argentina y Otros poemas (1911)
9 Del chorro de la fuente (1886-1916)

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