Studies in the Schoenbergian Movement in Vienna and the United States: Essays in Honor of Marcel Dick

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A Festschrift containing essays by the honoree, the Hungarian-born American composer Marcel Dick, who is one of the very last members of Arnold Schoenberg's "inner circle" during the 1920s and whose place in the history of the Second Viennese School is assured. Includes studies of Dick's music, an appendix on The Marcel Dick Collection at Case Western Reserve University, and another appendix covering Marcel Dick's curriculum vitae. Also includes contributions by Walter A. Strauss, Joan Allen Smith, Wendy Williams Keyes, Michael Nott, Anne Trenkamp, John G. Suess, John K. Ogasapian, Jody D. Rockmaker, and many others.


"It is hard to imagine, given the fascinating and well-crafted articles included in this collection, a more affectionate and fitting tribute to a master musician, teacher, and friend. . . . Most significant is the section containing selected pre-performance lectures by Dick, superbly edited into essays by Trenkamp. . . . handsomely typeset and bound; furthermore, the two musical works it contains are beautifully engraved and easy to read." - Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association

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