The Formation of Culture in Medieval Britain: Celtic, Latin and Norman Influences on English Music, Literature, History and Art Essays in Memory of Constance Bullock-Davies:

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Papers cover the phenomenon of trans-cultural contact in the areas of Medieval English, French, Latin and Welsh literature and historiography, as well as musicology and material culture. Essays include:

Constance Bullock-Davies, 1900-1989 (Rachel Bromwich)

Malory as Translator (Barbara Belyea)

Oez veraie estoire: History as Mediation in Jordan Fantosme's Chronicle (Jean Blacker)

Fifeenth-Century History in Malory's Morte Darthur (P. J. C. Field)

Languages at the Norman Court of England (Nancy Helen Goldsmith-Rose)

Old Llywarch's Jawbone: Mediating Old and New Translation in Middle Welsh Studies (Sarah L. Higley)

From Ami to Amys: Translation and Adaptation in the Middle English Amis and Amylion (Françoise H. M. LeSaux)

Gerald of Wales and Welsh Tradition (Brynley F. Roberts)

The Bayeux Tapestry: Epic Narrative, not Stichic but Stitched (Michael Swanton)

The Politics of Romance: Some Observations on the Political Content of the Roman d'Yder (Neil Thomas)

The 'Newness' of the lai breton (Lawrence Wright)

Constance Bullock-Davies: Chief Publications

Other English History Books