Studies in the Biblical Sea- Storm Type-Scene Convention and Invention

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Examines the use of the ancient compositional device known as the type-scene, in particular the sea-storm type-scene as used by the Hebrew and Christian biblical writers. Explores the theme of the sea in ancient and classical Mediterranean literature including epic, romance, drama, travelogue, and poetry as the literary tradition from which the biblical use of the sea-storm type-scene emerged.


"Thimmes' book is helpful, informative, and ful of carefully developed insights. It develops one aspect of the literary craftsmanship of the biblical authors. As such, it adds to the understanding of how the biblical texts make an impact on their audience and transmit their religious lessons by literary means." - Benjamin Fiore in Proceedings EGL MWBS

"Thimmes' book is one that is definitely worth reading, not only by those with specific interests in the Bible or the use of literary conventions, but also by anyone whose interests extend to the ways in which author, readers, and environment interact or to the ways in which crossing disciplinary boundaries can prove fruitful to the process of interpretation." - Paul M. McNutt in Proceedings EGL MWBS (14, 1994)

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