Aggadic Midrash I. Sample Reader

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This may be usable as a textbook for university level courses on rabbinic literature. Dr. Maoz’s book provides extracts from a wide variety of Midrash texts in the original Hebrew and Aramaic accompanied by an English translation. It serves as a reader for students and professors interested in developing their translation skills while learning about writings in Midrash. Most of the translations are from the Torah, but there are other sources as well. Aggadah is said to contain hidden, symbolic references, and where a literal interpretation is irrational, the translations are viewed as allegories.


“The book opens up the world of aggadic midrash to the reader in the most practical way, through the reading of actual midrashic texts. This is an excellent basis from which students can proceed to further study of aggadic midrash. Dr. Maoz carefully researched the textual and manuscript sources from which each extract is taken. Thus, the book also assists the reader to develop an overall sense of the breadth of aggadic midrash within rabbinic literature. Aggadic Midrash I is invaluable for scholars interested in developing critical editions of midrashic texts.”

-Prof. Timothy Hegedus,
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

“The author takes care to place each text in its historical and literary context based upon meticulous research in a broad range of rabbinic sources and scholarly literature. Aggadic Midrash I: Sample Reader is a book that successfully fills a significant gap in available literature on Aggadic Midrash.”

-Prof. Ira Robinson,
Concordia University

Table of Contents



Rabbinic Approbation, Harav Nevo Zuckerman

How to Use This Study

Introduction, Timothy Hegedus

Aggadic Sources

Non-Aggadic Sources

Appendix A: Format and Translation
Appendix B: The Rabbis
Appendix C: Source Inclusion
Appendix D: The Rabbis


Ancient Names
Modern Names

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