Struggle for Life During the Nazi Occupation of Poland

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Testimony of the author's experience, hardships, suffering, and survival of the Nazi occupation of Poland. Includes photographs and reproductions of documents such as false birth certificate, 'true-passage' document, false travel document made by the underground, false train ticket made by the underground, example of anti-Semitic propaganda flier.


"I have always believed in survivors' testimonies: they are unique. What they say about what was done to Jews by their enemies cannot be said by anyone else. Their personal experience must become part of Holocaust literature. Mr. Adam Neuman-Nowicki's account is such a story." - Elie Wiesel

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Childhood; War - September 1939; Beginning of the Occupation; The Plock Ghetto; Dzialdowo, the Transit Camp; Resettlement in Chmielnik; The Camp at Podleze; In the Hasag Camp; On the Aryan Side; Leaving Staszow; Lwow - Change from a Village to a Big City; Czestochowa; Return to Lwow - Travel and Love; Warsaw - The Polish Uprising, 1944; Liberation; Return to Plock and Reunion with My Brother; Ilonka and Her Memories; The Wedding Ceremony; The Reconstruction of Life; Once Again, to Poland; Conclusions

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