Stranger Within

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"Will Hochman is one of this country's strongest poetic voices. It is not just his wizardry with words, but the force of that inner self, who he is "within," that makes him a poet to be reckoned with. This first book captures both the power of his words and the power of his persona. The individual and the universal are found in these poems which shift, glow, blaze, and yield a vision and a passion.One gets a sense of the internal cohesiveness of this work from the first poem to the last. Truly remarkable reading." - Tony Moffeit

. . . Hochman invites us to listen; his voice is so compelling we have little choice but to do so. . . . Hochman has a wide range. He writes in lyric and narrative poems about caravans, movies, the sea, war, love. . . . tells us stories that reveal his humanity and remind us of our own. . . . He makes us 'listen to the wind'." -- Ed Meek in Small Press Review

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