Housicwhissick Blue

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“In Housicwhissick Blue, Iris Gomez addresses the great sweep of history and prehistory contained in a few thousand acres of preserved land near her home. Time becomes transparent in her poems, which see through the present-day landscape to its geologic origins, to its earliest settlers who crossed the northern land-mass from Siberia, to their descendants the Massachuset, and to later settlers from Europe. Her companion essay provides a wealth of detail and makes it clear that the poetry is grounded in the bedrock of fact. While honoring history, Gomez does not overlook the moment…. Housicwhissick Blue is filled with the sort of luck that has little to do with happenstance and everything to do with the poet’s alert imagination and remarkable ability to engage her reader.” – Pamela Alexander, author of Navigable Waterways and Inland, as well as A Commonwealth of Wings: An Ornithological Biography Based on the Life of John James Audubon.

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