Sirat Antara - The Manuscript From the University Library in Wroclaw, Poland

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The Sirat Antara was an eighteenth century manuscript discovered by Anna Nawolska in the Manuscripts Department of Wroclaw University, Poland, which Nawolska translated from Arabic into English. Anatara Ibn Shaddad al-Absi was a sixth century pre-Islamic poet, knight, and hero. The Sirat Antara is the fifth incomplete volume of the chivalric epic that details the heroic deeds of Anatara Ibn Shaddad al-Absi. Not only does Nawolska provide a translation of the manuscript, but she also presents a history of the Sirat Antara and the genesis of Arabic chivalric epic. This book will appeal not only to Arbaists and Orienatlists but also to historians, political scientists, anthropologists, art historians, and sociologists.


“… without doubt a very important contribution to the study of Arabic popular literature. One is able to understand the nature of the Arabic writing better. It will be an interesting adventure for every one, who wants to reveal secrets and miracles of Medieval Arabic and Islamic world.” – Prof. Marek M. Dziekan Ph.D., University of ?ód?, Poland

“… a highly original work in Polish Oriental Studies. This is a philological translation accompanied by an extensive introduction, and commentary of the only preserved Arabic manuscript in Poland.” – Prof. Danuta Madeyska, Warsaw University

Table of Contents

Part I

Chapter 1 The chivalrous epos and its genesis

Chapter 2 Srat Antara in the light of a European state of Investigation

Chapter 3 Antara in Wroclaw

Chapter 4 Some remarks on the poetics of the Srat Antara

Chapter 5 The comparison some fragments of manuscripts poems with the poems of Diwn Antara

Part II

Chapter 1 Sirat Antara. Translation with Critical Commentary




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