Frederic Will’s Travel Writings (1957-2007): A Design of the World

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This is a study of a life in travel texts interspersed with Frank Shynnagh’s commentaries on Frederic Will’s work. With travels spanning from places as diverse as Iceland, Greece, Tunisia, Mauritania and Peru the reader is struck by Will’s sense of social and cultural involvement.


“The epic quality of the travelogue as a hermeneutic process turns into a questioning of hermeneutics itself. We do and see, and travel to know about knowing and we end up doing, seeing, knowing what has to remain in question marks. In the end a deep impasse is felt and articulated. In the end there is a confession and some honesty we must applaud.” – Prof. Georg Gugelberger, University of California

“Will’s vivid descriptions of places and events, especially the early morning market at Tuebingen in the opening chapter, stimulate the reader’s senses . . .” – Prof. Zeno W. Wicks, South Dakota State University

“Frank Shynnagh does a remarkable job of capturing the evolution of Fred Will’s travel writing style, but more importantly the growing maturity of Will’s world perception and lyricism.” – Prof. Rick Molz, Concordia University

Table of Contents

Part I: Still Shots
1. Tuebingen - 1957
2. Mount Athos: God’s Summit – 1958
3. Crete – 1962
4. Athens City of Dionysus – 1962
5. Reykjavik – 1964
6. Delos – 1965
Part II: Seeing and Thinking
7. Baja Travels - 1969
8. Montreal-Val d’Or – 1972
9. British Honduras – 1972
10. Tornado Tom – 1973
11. A Tunisian Marabout - 1976
12. Hotel Atlantique – 1976
13. Between Arles and Nimes – 1976
14. Notre Dame du Nord to Sherbrooke – 1980
Part III: Traveling in a Society
15. Mauritania – 1993
16. From Bananas, Corn, and Cheese – 2002
17. Macchu Picchu – 2007

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