Frederic Will’s Short Fiction: Literature as Social Critique

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This book is a collection of six short fictions by Frederic Will, interspersed with commentaries by the book’s author, Frank Shynnagh, who is the alter ego (pseudonym) of Frederic Will.


“There are at least two voices here, Reader. One voice is Don Quixote, the voice of the searcher for a language in which one can write poetry. The other is the voice of Sancho Panza the voice of the fictions. Reader, no wonder Shynnagh is upset and not a little confused by the writer he interrogates.” – Prof. Jerry Zaslove, Simon Fraser University

“The entire text-commentaries plus stories-forms a multi layered portrait of our time's social presence, and does so in a self-reflective structure itself representative of the consciousness of our time. This remarkable work belongs to a recent series of Shynnagh/Will works published by the Edwin Mellen Press.” – Prof. Jacinda Townsend, Southern Illinois University

“Here not only -as in M. C. Escher- does each hand draw the other, in addition, the drawing itself is drawn in what amounts to a meta-fiction, and a meta-critique, of Fiction Vs. Critique… A striking exploration: you will get nowhere with the present review if you have not read it first.” – Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes, Founding director,17, Institute of Critical Studies

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreword by Prof. Jerry Zaslowe
Hugh at Forty Two
Cherry Hill
The Centers
The Event
The Strange Bachelorhood of George Laughlin


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