Search for the Religious Ideal in Selected Works of JosÉ Luis Castillo-Puche

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This study examines the novels of Castillo-Puche that specifically dealt with the religious ideal and his experience of the religious seminary. The study of the novels of the Trilogía de la liberación is preceded by an Introduction which looks at the connection between the author’s life and his literature and also certain features of narrative style.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Sin camino: The Seminary Environment; Attraction to the world; Indecision
3. Como ovejas al matadero: social Justice Sacrifice; Sexual Repression
4. Trilogía de la liberación: Introduction; Life and Literature; Narrative
5. El libro de las visiones y las aparaiciones: Symbols of Oppression – Hécula, Death, Cirilo and Cayetano; Symbols of Liberation – Water; the Mother
6. El amargo sabor de la retama: Thirst; Guilt – The Revolution, Sexuality, The Vocation, Happiness, Depression
7. Conocerás el poso de la nada: The Ideal; The Reality: The Ideal Abandoned – The Loss of Identity, the Death of the Mother; Reactions
8. Conclusion
Bibliography; Index

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