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This is a sequence of seventy-five vignettes: one to four-page mind-pictures of places, persons, ideas, and moral issues; a harvest of decades of looking and feeling. The themes advance thus: observations of objects in space; concern with aesthetics and the arts (sculpture, architecture) that organize space; travelling -- which moves through, and fills with, space; evolution and nature; the imagination -- as maker of art, and our sense of space; the religious instinct as an outgrowth of the imagination; the religious and the mythical -- how they are inter-related; our potential for compassion and solidarity; and the chances we have to export life with us beyond the grave. A world-view expresses itself here in pictures of the world; a blend of poetry, logic, historical observation, and mini-fictions.


"The attention to detail produces not shapelessness but a powerful sense of the mind extending itself into the world, extending its world in meditations on space . . . . a book to be lived with, to be read as it reads, in passages, spaces of intensity at once ethical, aesthetic, religious. It is the book of a life's wisdom: not of things known, but of an intensity of intimate knowing." -- Robert McNamara

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