Scriptural Poetics in Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by William Franke
Part One: Repetition and Revision in Scriptural Poetics
1. Type and Repetition, History and Presence
2. Type, Memory, and the Presence of the Present
3. Type and Repetition in Scripture
4. What is Scriptural Typology?
5. Joyce’s Repetition and Revision of Biblical Types
6. Cultural Politics of Joyce’s Scriptural Poetics
Part Two: Scriptural Poetics and Ulysses
7. Scriptural Poetics
8. Scriptural Poetics and Biblical Canonization
9. Paradigms of Scriptural Poetics
10. Joyce and Scriptural Poetics
11. Servitude and Filial Succession in “Telemachus”
12. Filiation and Coleridge’s Christ-Type in Ulysses
Part Three: Scriptural Poetics in Finnegans Wake
13. Typology, Typography, and Character Amalgamation
14. The Primal Scene of Sodomy in Finnegans Wake
15. The Bark of His Tale: After the Flood
16. The Museyroom: Willingdone and the Three Lipoleums
17. The Gateway to Phoenix Park
18. An Unknowable Assailant and Obelisk Man
19. The Substance of the Tale
20. Typology and Interpretation
21. Stratigraphy of Type
Appendix: Typology and Deconstruction
Closing Remarks; Bibliography; Indices

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