Poetry of George Gissing

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This first edition of Gissing's poems is based upon a transcription of the MS notebook Verses 1869 to [1882], held by the Beinecke Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts at Yale University, and a variety of other sources, printed or autograph. The volume consists of over 50 titles, ranging from youthful experiment to the achievement of maturer years. An introduction points out the intimate and revealing links between Gissing's life and letters, particularly during the fateful spring and summer of 1876 and his subsequent journey to America. This volume provides a unique insight into the heart and mind of a most talented late-Victorian young man, determined to chart for himself a career as a poet/man of letters. With index, biographical, and bibliographical notes.


"The main interest of this edition of Gissing's poetry may well lie in its contribution to our understanding of Gissing's life. Particularly interesting are the poems written in 1876, the year of Gissing's imprisonment for theft and subsequent departure for America. . . . the poems clearly add a great deal to our understanding of Gissing's state of mind during a period in his life for which there is little documentary material. One is grateful to Bouwe Postmus for this useful addition to Gissing studies. It is such a pleasure to be able to hold all of Gissing's poems in one's hand." - Gissing Journal

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