Sa’di’s Rose Garden as Political Literature: A Thirteenth-Century Persian Poem (8 x 10 Softcover)

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The core purpose of this monograph has been to investigate the reconciliatory thought of a 13th century Persian poet named Sa’di Shirazi. Although Sa’di’s prose poetry is not set out in the systematic form of a comprehensive political theory, profound insights were extracted from it that convey a powerful message regarding the necessities of harmonious behaviour as a precondition for a healthy society, and the dangers of not adhering to it.


"The Rose Garden, finished in 1258, is known to be the most eminent work in Persian literature for its prose. Throughout the book, Sa’di has been trying to link different emotions, beliefs, types of people, and roles attempting a balance between them. The link between morals and power in associations within the political domain, the link between self-interest and humane altruism in associations within the social domain, the link between idealism and pragmatism in world view and human life are visible during the course of the book.11."

From the Introduction

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: The Aesthetic Turn and the Local Turn in Peace Politics

Chapter Three: Historiography

Chapter Four: Sa'di the Man

Chapter Five: Analysis of the Principles of Reconciliation is Sa'di's Prose Poetry, The Rose Garden

Chapter Six: The Bipolar Identity of Iran and Sa'di's Relevance to it

Chapter Seven: Conclusion


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