Role, Design and Growing Importance of United States Magistrate Judges

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This work provides the foundation for the study of United States Magistrate Judges and an examination of their behavior. The results presented in this work make a theoretical contribution to the literature supported by both qualitatively and quantitatively examining the roles and decisions of United States Magistrate Judges.

At the most fundamental level, this work shows that Magistrate Judges should no longer be overlooked in the public law literature and calls for more research on these, and other overlooked players in the judiciary.


“In this important book Bruce Carroll sheds new light on an aspect of the judicial system little known to most Americans -- the U.S. magistrate judges. These judges are appointed by District Court Judges and they are playing an increasingly important role in the judicial system. In a careful analysis, Carroll shows that their role has slowly shifted from mere administrative duties to more important judicial duties. Anyone interested in the role of the Courts in American life should read this book.” - Keith T. Poole, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface, Acknowledgements
1. The Foundation of Public Law
2. Magistrate Evolution, Data and Methodology
3. The Roles of the Magistrate Judges
4. An Examination of Magistrate Judge Decision-Making
5. A Comparison of Decision-Making in the Federal District Courts
6. Findings, Limitations and Future Research
List of Illustrations

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