Elmira Reformatory, 1878-1890: Innovations in the Administration of an American Penal Institution

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This study encompasses the full history of the Elmira reformatory model that was based on a highly structured disciplinary penal program designed to instill, in the offender, behavioral changes that would help to develop socially and morally conforming conduct within the prison population and enable the offender to reintegrate productively back into society upon his release from prison.


“The authors offer a treasure trove of material that presents the methodological, managerial, and historical development of one of the most important developments in the history of American penology…they also suggest the possible benefits of returning to certain elements of the reformatory model. The result is a collection that will benefit historians and penologists for decades to come.”
-Dr. Gregory S. Taylor,
Chowan University

“The Elmira Reformatory was quite literally a ‘model system’ and its adoption into the wider system was to prove to be both an opportunity and an opportunity missed, as other harsher ideas of punishment over reform took over in the 20th century and beyond.”
-Dr. Matthew Fullerty,
Publisher at Parkgate Press LLC

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Greg Taylor
Chapter 1
Progress of Construction 1878

Report of the Board of Managers / Water Supply and Sewage
Employment and Maintenance/The Inmates, September 30, 1878
Proceedings with regard to the prisoners /The Educational Program /Religious Services
Physician’s Report
Chapter 2
The Parole Form, 1879

Parole /The Laws of 1877 and the Power of Reform
The Elmira System of Reformatory Prison Discipline
Educational Program /Course of Education for the State Reformatory at Elmira
First Year Studies / Second Year Studies / Religious Instruction
Report of the Physician
1879 Biographical Registers and Receiving Blotters
Report of the New York State Board of Charities
Chapter 3
The Educational System, 1880

Board of Managers Report
The Educational Program / Reformatory School Report / Librarian’s Report
Physician’s Report
Annual Statistics for the Year Ending September 30th, 1880
1880 Biographical Statistics / Sample of Biological Register for 1880
Chapter 4
The Industries, 1881

The Industries / Board of Managers Report
Implementation of Chapter 585, Laws of 1881
Physician’s Report / Principle Teacher’s Report
Report of the State Board of Charities / 1881 Biographical Statistics
Chapter 5
The Nature of Reform, 1882

Board of Managers Report / Superintendent’s Report / School Director’s Report
Report of the Secretary of the Summer School
Librarian’s Report / Specimens of Library Cards
Chaplain’s Report / Father Bloomer’s Report
Physician’s Report
Synopsis of Rules and Regulations / The 1882 Abuse Investigation
Standing Committee on Reformatories: 16th Annual Report of the State Board of Charities
Chapter 6
Innovations in Reformatory Treatment, 1883

Report of the General Superintendent / Report of the Secretary of the Schools
The First Innovation / The Second Innovation / The Third Innovation
Report of the Physician
Report of the Standing Committee on Reformatories, State Board of Charities
Chapter 7
The Prison Labor Question, 1884

Preliminary Report of the Prison Labor Commission, 1884
Report of the Board of Managers / Report of the General Superintendent
1884 Report of the Secretary of the School / The Reformatory Library
Report of the Physician; Dr: Hamilton D. Wey
The State Reformatory at Elmira, Report of the Board of Charities Standing Committee on Reformatories
Chapters 8-13 Titles Only Due To Limited Space
Chapter 8: Overcrowding at Elmira, 1885
Chapter 9:Trade Training and the Physical Culture Experiment, 1886
Chapter 10: The Prison Reform Commission, 1887
Chapter 11:The Military Drill Program, 1888
Chapter 12:The Fassett Law, 1889
Chapter 13:The Heyday of the Reformatory, 1890

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