Religious Paintings of EugÈne Delacroix (1798-1863): The Initiator of the Style of Modern Religious Art

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The first study of the religious works by the French romantic painter Eugène Delacroix, an artist who created the style of modern religious art. The religious subjects in various media number over 220 works, and this study enlarges our appreciation of Delacroix’s artistic vision and achievement. This book contains twelve color photographs and twenty-nine black and white photographs.


“. . . will arouse many discussions and debates throughout the Delacroix scholarship community, but also in the fields of nineteenth-century art and history.” - Prof. Bartélémy Jobert, University of Paris IV, the Sorbonne

“Polistena’s revisionary scholarship sees Delacroix’s individual paintings on Christian subjects neither as dutiful commissions nor as a sporadic spirituality. She introduces a Delacroix we haven’t seen before: one compelled by questions of faith, whose investment in religion was constant, complicated and this over a nearly six-decade-long career.” - Prof. Margaret MacNamidhe, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

“. . . a stimulating and fresh portrait of a master painter whose works define the Romanticist movement in France. . . . Dr. Polistena succeeds in challenging the idea that modernism should be equated with secularism . . . She accurately reinstates Delacroix’s religious paintings as important, modern, and worthy of serious attention. . . . .Besides her impressive knowledge of Delacroix and his oeuvre, Dr. Polistena proves with this text to be a formidable scholar of the cultural effects of religion and theology in nineteenth-century European culture. . . . [This work] is essential reading for anyone interested in the entwined and ultimately complicated relationship between art, artists, and religion.” – Dr. Caterina Y. Pierre

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Bartélémy Jobert
Introduction: Eugène Delacroix and the Religious Culture
1. 1789-1820s: The Politics of Art and Religion in France
2. 1820s-1830s: Emerging Romantic Religious Art
3. 1840s-1850s
4. 1840s-1850s: Scenes of the Passion
5. 1850s: Suppression of Romantic Religious Art and the Rise of Popular Prints
6. 1861: The Saint-Sulpice Mural Program
7. Conclusion
Chronology of Religious Subjects by Eugène Delacroix
Selected Bibliography

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