Recent Transformations of the Passion Play of Oberammergau

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"This Passion Play has always sought to forge community amongst spectators, one self-affirmative as faithful to the Catholic church and its doctrine. It also persists as a remnant of the ancient idea of festival, an exceptional moment where humans and gods commiserate in shared enjoyment. The emphasis on the emotionally palpably and imperfectly human experience of Jesus and Mary renders such commiseration as accessible as it can be. This legacy makes it more proximate to the ancient rites of mystery cults, from Mithras to Eleusis. Mithraism introduced Eucharist like sacrificial ritual, while Eleusis initiated a promise of salvation and eternal life unique among non-monotheist ancient religions." -Adam J. Sacks ("Conclusion: Conflicting Tensions of Historic Preservation and Political Reparation")

Table of Contents

I. Oberammergau Passion Play: Longevity and Persistence
II. History, Theory and the Meaning of the Passion Play
III. A Hateful Burden: Anti-Jewish Animus
IV. Recent Reforms of the Oberammergau Passion Play
V. Conclusion: Conflicting Tensions of Historical Preservation and Political Reparation

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