Parsifal : An Explanation of Richard Wagner’s Music Drama

Dr. Adam J. Sacks provides a close reading with comprehensive coverage and a supportive introduction to serve as a critical introduction for a wide audience fort his singular entry in the European art-music canon.


"A further central aim, is to faithfully convey and analyze Wagner’s intentions for the production of Parsifal relying again on a close reading of his stage instructions and directions. Not under consideration is the history of Parsifal production subsequent to Wagner. Nor do I presuppose any background in either classical music or Wagner, though I do briefly discuss previous works that bear directly on Parsifal. While a fascinating and engrossing topic in its own right, especially considering the wide latitude and experimental nature of the tradition of regieoper, the aim here is to approach a close as possible the vision for Parsifal in its own time and place."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents

I. Author Preface

II. Introduction

III. Prelude and Act One

IV. Act Two

V. Act Three

VI. Conclusion

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