Reading Issues of Wealth and Poverty in Luke- Acts

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This book applies Wolfgang Iser’s theories about the reading process to Luke-Acts in order to determine how reading these documents affects the reader’s understanding and behavior relating to issues of wealth and poverty which has two emphases. On one hand, the reader will understand that these documents advocate a renunciation of the desire for wealth and possessions. On the other hand the reader will understand that these documents advocate actions of generosity toward persons in need.


“After an enlightening survey of recent scholarship on issues of wealth and poverty and an analysis of Iser’s literary theory, Phillips provides a close reading of Luke and Acts. In these chapters he forthrightly engages the text, showing his mastery of the original language and the relevant secondary literature. The questions he addresses to the text are sometimes novel and frequently helpful. . . . Not all scholars will agree with Phillips’ methods or conclusions. But those who are interested in Luke’s views on wealth and poverty cannot afford to neglect his scholarly approach.” – Joseph B. Tyson

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Recent Readings of Wealth and Poverty in the Third Gospel and Acts (Cassidy, Degenhardt, Schmithals, Seccombe, Koenig, Johnson, Sweetland)
2. Appropriating Reader-Response Theory (Wolfgang Iser’s Literary Theory)
3. Reading the Third Gospel
4. Reading the Acts of the Apostles
5. The Greco-Roman Context
Conclusion; Appendix; Bibliography; Index

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