Radicalism, Political Power and Foreign Policy in Nigeria

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This volume thoroughly and systematically investigates the relationship between radicalism and foreign policy in Nigeria, The argument is anchored in two interlocking and multifaceted angles: philosophical and policy. It brings into sharp focus the thinking and behavior of political groups (students and political parties) and of institutions (the military, the Ministry of External Affairs, intellectual elites and the press/public opinion). Part One focuses on theoretical discourse and analysis of the term ‘radicalism; Part two is concerned with practice and an examination of the impact of radicalism on the political process, on external relations and the institutions of foreign policy. Part Three focuses on policy more generally and specifically on periodic analysis and radical expectation, language and action. The concluding chapter reappraises the basis of foreign policy-making in Nigeria in view of the challenge to her corporate existence as a nation.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:


Introduction – What is this thing called radicalism?

Part One: Theoretical discourse: Elusiveness and specificity; Schools of Thought; Perception, reality and public policy.

Part Two: Practice: Impact on the political process; Impact on external relations; Impact on the institutions of foreign policy

Part Three: Policy: Periodic analysis; Radical expectation, radical language and radical action – the Akinyemi experiment; Conclusion and Postscript

Bibliography, Index

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