Economic Development and Nigerian Foreign Policy

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This study examines the constraints of the international system’s structure on the domestic and international behavior of less-developed states in general and Nigeria in particular. Contributes to the debates on the relationships between domestic and external sources of foreign policy. Focusing on economic diplomacy, it explicates the nature of political economy on foreign policy processes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Realism, Liberal Internationalism, Dependency and Economic Development in Nigeria
3. Theories of the State and Strategies for Economic Development
4. History of Colonial and Post-Colonial Political Economy of Nigeria
5. The Sources of Nigeria’s Underdevelopment
6. Economic Diplomacy and the Structural Adjustment Program in Nigeria
7. Realism, Liberalism and Dependency theory: Analysis of Economic Diplomacy in Nigeria
8. Conclusion: Lessons for Nigerian Policy – Toward an Effective Economic Strategy
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