Military Factor in Nigeria 1966-1985

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" . . . a most comprehensive narrative, analytical and empirical analysis of the military variable in Nigerian politics. . . . authors focus on the relationship between the politicized institution of the military and such varied facets of society as culture, the press, the economy, federalism, religion and foreign policy. The voluminous work is very original, informed, comparative and balanced. The authors know the literature on military and politics in Nigeria well and they generally rely on both Western and local sources in their bibliographic references. . . . truly comprehensive." - Dr. Michael O. Anda

"It will be an excellent user manual to the students and teachers and indeed for anyone interested in the complexity of Nigerian politics. Policy makers should take the recommendations seriously. Writing on the basis of extensive historical knowledge and experience in the field, Babawale and Falola have produced skillfully selected aspects of the military factor in Nigeria." - Bola Dauda

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