Quest for Wisdom in Plato and Carl Jung. A Comparative Study of the Healers of the Soul

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This is an application of Jung to a reading of the texts of Plato and demonstrates how a psychoanalytic practice can provide a framework for textual analysis. This pursuit also reveals how the analysis of these thinkers has much to say about liberal arts education.


“Dr. Beck’s understanding of Jung and her appreciation of the narrative and dramatic dimensions of Plato’s dialogues allow her to explore the psychological and social underpinnings of Plato’s philosophy in a way that is fresh and relevant for the twenty-first century. In particular, she has found in these two thinkers a comprehensive model of liberal education that has much to say to anyone engaged in teaching today.” – Dr. Paul Custodio Bube, W. Lewis McColgan Professor of Religion, Lyon College

“Using the Jungian distinction between the objective and subjective psyche as a heuristic framework for understanding characters in Plato, Beck systematically reveals the projections evident in the speeches in the Symposium in particular, as each speaker in turn reveals his state of mind.” - Dr. William Andrew Myers, Professor of Philosophy, The College of St. Catherine

"Beck's final chapter is particularly good; finally we have an absolutely clear idea of why Socrates fought to reverse corruption of democracy in Athens." Book News INc.

Table of Contents

Preface: Dr. Paul Custodio Bube
Foreword Dr. William Andrew Myers
1 Introduction: The Centrality of Self-Knowledge in Jung and Plato
2 Jung’s Position
3 Comparing Plato and Jung: Similarities and Differences
4 Phaedrus
5 Symposium
6 Socrates, Athens, and Liberal Education
General Index
Index of Passages
Appendix I
Appendix II

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