Plato’s Self-Corrective Development of the Concepts of Soul, Forms and Immortality in Three Arguments of the Phaedo

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Scholars agree that the proofs for immortality of the soul in Plato’s Phaedo are unconvincing. Many scholars think Plato was unaware of any flaws. This study argues both that the proofs are ultimately unconvincing and that Plato was aware of the problems.
Only three of the arguments for immortality include a discussion of the forms? this study argues, first, that the view of forms, soul and immortality in each argument is internally consistent. Next, each argument contains three significantly different views of forms, soul and immortality. Third, each argument is a refinement of the previous view, rather than a radical rejection of it. Even the last argument in the Phaedo, however is inadequate. The Phaedo is shown as a truly dialectical philosophical conversation about the immortality of the soul.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Concepts of Soul, Forms, and Immortality in the Arguments from Recollection, From Dualism and From Causality
3. The Argument for Immortality from Recollection
4. The Argument for Immortality Based on Dualism
5. The Argument for Immortality Based on Causality
1. Conclusion: Soul, Forms and Immortality in the Phaedo

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