Qualla Cherokee - Surviving in Two Worlds

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This volume addresses the complex identity relationships to the real and imaginary Cherokee images presented among Qualla Cherokee, taking into consideration the rich, unique traditional culture and history, commercial stereotypical Indian images, and the influences of the dominant Anglo-American society.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Slavery; Parallel Acculturation; Removal; Civil War and Reconstruction; Post-Reconstruction Era; The Cherokee Role
2. The Early Cherokee: Aboriginal Prehistory; Cherokee Aboriginal Social Structure; Cherokee Aboriginal Behavioral Patterns; European Influence; Forced Removal - The Trail of Tears; The Removal Aftermath; Cherokee Nation's Epilogue
3. History of the Qualla Cherokee: Introduction; Establishment of the Boundary; Role of Religion among the Qualla Cherokee; Current Boundaries of the Eastern Band; The Seven Communities; Principal Chiefs of the Qualla Cherokee since 1870
4. The Dilemma of Accommodation: Manifest Destiny - The Roots of Indian Accommodation; Accommodation and the Qualla Cherokee; Protestant Ethics versus the Aboriginal Harmony Ethos; White Secondary Controls versus Cherokee Primary Controls; A Typology of the Qualla Cherokee
5. The Real and Imaginary Qualla Cherokee: Nourishing a Myth for Economic Gain; Chiefing as a Mode of Cultural Adaptation; Chief Henry; Seeking out the Real Cherokee; Myrtle - Conservative Cherokee Female; The First Female Principal Chiefs; The Contemporary Scene; The Cherokee Wildfire; Crime and Justice on the Qualla Boundary; The Cherokee Code; A Profile of Violent Crime among the Qualla Cherokee; Chapter Postscript
Appendix: Proposed Cherokee Constitution
Endnotes, Bibliography, Index

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