Reflections on Cherokee Literary Expression

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This study is an effort to explain the nature of Cherokee writers’ expression and the readers’ responses to Cherokee literary works. The first part illustrates a sense of Western literary theory and examples of established forms. The second part outlines the nature of Cherokee literary assessment. It examines works in Cherokee written in the Sequoyan syllabary, in Cherokee written in the Roman alphabet, and in English written in the Roman alphabet. With illustrations.


". . . a serious work of scholarship drawing upon contemporary theory and tribal tradition. This book embodies the artful joining of the encyclopedic knowledge of tribal writings, including oral traditions, with deep analytic interpretation. From this day forward, it will be impossible to write or think about the Cherokee literary tradition without reference to the Merediths’ work.” – Prof. Rennard Strickland, University of Oregon

Table of Contents

Preface by Rennard Strickland
1. Introduction
2. Language and Literature
3. Cultural Value
4. Literature and Emotion
5. Literature and Truth
6. Literary Structure
7. Validation
8. Interpretative Conclusions
9. Assessment
10. Relevance
11. Literary Practice
12. Aesthetic Satisfaction
13. Evaluation
14. Conclusion

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