Qualitative Study of the Co-Construction of Therapeutic Reality. A Process and Outcome Model

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This research focuses on the interaction between client and therapist during psychotherapy. It bridges research and theory in psychology, sociology, and marriage and family therapy. First it develops a general model of therapeutic process from a social construction of reality paradigm, and then develops a behavioral coding schema from that model, and the model is tested by tracing three therapy cases over the entire course of treatment.


"Those who would be interested in this text include researchers looking for a research methodology by which to quantify the multitude of interactions that occur in the therapeutic setting. Brief therapists and researchers will find here an approach to observe exactly what ‘works’ in brief approaches. Constructionist, narrative, and solution focused approaches now have a model from which to continue further research. Applying the research model to family therapy would be another fascinating exploration of positive outcomes. Everyone who is interested in the search for what lies at the core of a positive therapeutic relationship will find something of interest in this work." Dane Frost

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. Laura M. Johnson
1. Introduction
2. Review of the Literature
3. Theoretical Model
4. Research Design
5. Behavioral Codes
6. The Cases
7. Discussion
Appendices, References, Index

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