What is Culture? Generating and Applying Cultural Knowledge

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This book presents a new theory of culture that attempts to present a unified taxonomy and lexicon of definitions of culture by various social scientists for use in the inter-disciplinary investigation of organizational culture. Both both qualitative and quantitative data is presented and analysed.


"This seminal work is the result of the author's life-long engagement in culture
research. Its strengths lie in his deep and wide-ranging knowledge of cultural
modeling, naturalistic inquiry, and practice-theory building. The book is
succinctly written - we get concise and clear definitions of key terms,
parameters, and ideas. The book is suitable for graduate and undergraduate
seminars in cultural anthropology, industrial sociology, social psychology,
organizational studies, business management, and field research methodology. It
should be widely read by those who attempt to make sense of multi-level, global
shifts in their own enviro-systems, and who wish to build collaborative community
strategies." - Prof. Tomoko Hamada Connolly,
College of William and Mary

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables
Foreword, by Francis J. Yammarino
Part I Defining, Modeling, and Researching Culture
1. Understanding Culture through Definition and Modeling
2. The Challenges of Culture Research: Building a Research Model
Part II The Artifact Environments of Culture
3. Culture's Climate Environments
4. Culture's Leadership Environments
Part III Building a Culture's Society
5. Building Society through Knowledge Environments
PartlV Analyzing Culture's Logic
6. The Influence of Time Environments on Culture
7. The Moral Environments of Culture
8. Where Next with Culture?

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