Qualitative Analysis of the Jehovah’s WitnessesThe Rhetoric, Reality and Religion in the Watchtower Society

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Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world and the most persecuted Christian organization in the 20th century. How the Witnesses shape their response to persecution is invariably associated with the social reality they construct in their rhetorical practices. This is a descriptive analysis and interpretation of the social reality constructed by the discourse of the Jehovah'’ Witnesses, utilizing a qualitative-interpretive approach for exploration into a social reality. The purpose is to determine how the textual and contextual reality of Jehovah’s Witnesses influences their lives and courses of action, how discursive practices are fundamental to their understanding of themselves and others.


“Cronn-Mills explores the general theory well as it relates to this specific social group and, in my view has marshalled some significant specific evidence in support of the Berger and Luckmann hypothesis. . . . a genuine contribution on a number of levels.” – Theological Book Review

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword, Preface
I. The Problematic
1. Introduction
2. Social Construction of Reality
3. Qualitative-Interpretive Perspective
4. Qualitative Data
II. History, Religion, and Literature
5. The Witness’ Perspective
6. Review of Literature: Witness/Ex-witness and Historical/Doctrinal Literature; Social Issues Involving Jehovah’s Witnesses; Research on Religion and Language; Religious-Communication Genres; Research on Jehovah’s Witnesses
III: Description of the Reality of Jehovah’s Witnesses
7. Description of Satan’s World
8. Description of Witness World
9. Description of Jehovah’s World
IV. Analysis of the Reality of Jehovah’s Witnesses
10. Visual Theme Analysis
11. Family Theme Analysis
12. Foundation Theme Analysis
V. Interpretation of Jehovah’s Witness’ Reality
13. The Splitting Process
14. The Bridging Process
15. Interpretation of Jehovah’s Witness’ Social Reality
16. Crux of Construction of Reality
Bibliography, Index

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