Psychology of Carl Jung. Essays in Application and Deconstruction

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Jung's psychology is not a system. It is not a self-contained science that can be laid before the public in text-book fashion. It is a work. These 28 essays, written betweeen 1968 and 1991, represent such a work. They speak from within Jung's psychology,but invoke a world outside. In doing so they address four principal themes: theatre, time, the social body, and the grounding of psychology in ontology.


". . . addresses itself to the personal and therapeutic implications of thinking in a Jungian way, whilst not losing sight of the broader issues at stake. . . . the style of his writing retains the directness and concision of live speech. . . . this book is of interest to more than just practising therapists. Holt demonstrates that Jung is relevant to a number of pressing issues in contemporary social and political thought. . . . Although both the style and the substance of Holt's assertions can startle, his book provides (by way of example) a useful introduction to a tradition of thinking that, for the most part, remains outside the universities and is only slowly, albeit surely, finding its intellectual voice." - Journal of European Studies

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