Prostitutes in the Talmud: A Social Anthropological Study

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Dr. Fishbane examines the treatment of prostitutes in the Babylonian Talmud, focusing on their status in the community. The book will consider cases cited in the Talmud looking at various mentions of prostitutes and prostitution, with a consideration of the different treatment given to Israelite women versus gentile women.


“.. will examine the Babylonian Talmud’s prostitute, as portrayed by its editors, primarily through the parable. We will search the message conveyed by the Talmud’s redactors that clarify the social status of the prostitute in Rabbinic society as well as the function these women serve for the editor of this book of law and rabbinic discourse.”
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


The Zonah in the Talmud

Case1: BT Abodah Zara 36a
The Talmud's Illustrations

Case 1: BT Abodah Zara 65a
Case 2: BT Hagigah 15a
Case 3: BT Abodah Zara 17a
Case 4: BT Abodah Zara 17a-b
Case 5: BT Berakoth 23a
Case 6: BT Abodah Zara 18a-b
Case 7: BT Baba Metziah 85a
Case 8: BT Pesahim 113b
Case 9: BT Menahoth 44a

Summary and Discussion

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