Problems and Solutions in Band Conducting

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This text covers a wide variety of topics and problems, from band seating to planning festivals, dealing with soloists to taking the ensemble on the road. It tackles complex problems presented to directors of concert bands and wind ensembles, problems such as how to teach a march quickly to an ensemble, how to warm-up an ensemble properly for both tone and intonation, and basic band repertoire. This book is available at a special price when ordered for text use. Call (716) 754-2788 for text information.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. What is a Band Director? (Professionalism; Treatment Toward Guest Conductors/Clinicians)
2. Philosophy of the Band Program
3. Anatomy of a Rehearsal
4. Auditions and Part Assignments
5. Seating Plans for Various Size Bands
6. Warm-Up Procedures
7. Intonational Awareness
8. Tone of the Ensemble
9. Rehearsal Planning (Pacing; Discipline; Conductor Faults in Discipline; Taping)
10. Aesthetics of the Rehearsal
11. Aspects in Planning Concerns
12. A Brief History of the Wind Band’s Repertoire (from Renaissance to 19th century; Military and Town Band Traditions in America; School Band Heritages; University and Professional Bands)
13. Development and Evolution of a Standard Band Repertoire
14. Special Repertoire Considerations (Rental Companies; Mendelssohn’s Overture for Winds; Viennese Wind Octet Arrangements)
15. Programming (Formula; Suggestions)
16. Researching Band Music (Journals; Texts)
17. Transposition
18. Touring
19. Concert Etiquette
20. Festivals (Organizing; Dealing with Judges and Clinicians; Adjudication Forms; Doing Clinics as the Guest Conductor)
21. Rehearsal Techniques
22. Transcriptions)
23. The March (Pen names; March Interpretation Rules; Achieving Rhythmic Precision; How to Rehearse and Properly Produce Accents in Marches; Quick Teaching of a March; Dressing Up Marches; Street Marches; The 50 Best Marches
24. Conducting Concertos
25. Contemporary Music
26. Bruno Walter’s “The Conductor”
27. Rehearsal Analysis
28. 101 Must-Know Foreign Terms

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