Problem of Christianity in Multi-Religious Societies Today. The Bible in a World of Many Faiths

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This book examines the situation of the church during the last three decades, and throws light upon the relationship between the new ideas in the field of theology of religions and biblical theology.


"To appreciate the significance of this book, one must first come to grips with the relationship between its title and its subtitle. . . . he surveys theologies of religions as seen against the background of Hinduism and Buddhism and discusses the theological implication of the foregoing vis-a-vis Christian mission and the use of the biblical text. These provide an excellent overview for readers desiring to familiarize themselves with recent developments. Section II provides a most insightful analysis of the implication of these theologies and of various views on the authority and use of Scripture for Christian mission. It is vhhere that Fornberg makes a significant contribution. . . it should be brought to the attention of, and made available to, every serious student of theology, missiology, and religion." - Missiology

". . . the first major and critical investigation of how the appeal to biblical texts are used -- and indeed misused -- in contemporary Christian theologies of inter-religious dialogue. . . . the real strength of The Bible in a World of Many Faiths is the way in which it reviews reflections of theology of religions and inter-religious dialogue within the official quarters of the main church bodies as well as among individual scholars. . . " - Carl F. Hallencreutz

"In this book Fornberg shows himself to be not only an outstanding interpreter of the bible, but also a perceptive interpreter of trends in its use by Christians confronted by a world of religious pluralism. The author's mastery of what theologians and churches are saying about other religions is truly impressive and informative. Documents, interviews, books, and surveys of opinion are cited by a person who obviously cares deeply about three things -- the claims of the Christian faith, the grandeur of faith traditions exhibited by others, and the importance of interreligious dialogue. We have here a book of conviction and of humane discernment, written by one whose studies and travels have made him think profoundly about the message and the place of the Bible in a world of many faiths." - Dr. Arland J. Hultgren

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