Postmodern Poetic Narrative of Cuban Writer Reinaldo Arenas / La Narrativa Postmoderna Del Escritor Cubano Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990)

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In Spanish.
This study focuses on the works of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, one of the most prolific and controversial Latin American authors in the second half of the 20th century. Through the analysis of the five novels of the pentagony and other texts, this study follows the tragic journey of the antihero protagonist, from adolescence into adulthood, registering the correlation between his existential crisis and the narrative historical discourse. Despite the ostracism Reinaldo Arenas suffered for ten year, this study illumines how he established through his work a meditative dialogue with himself and the common man; this perspective formulates a permanent literary and philosophic reflection with thinkers and writers of his country and the West, as a basis for a rejection of the Cuban reality. The resultant interdisciplinary and postmodern dialogue constitutes one of the most significant and distinctive contributions of his work.


"This book is a lucid and solidly documented study on Reinaldo Arenas, the most radical and subversive voice of the Cuban narrative of the last 45 years. The author has a keen knowledge of the prevalent approaches to the literary text in contemporary literary criticism, and this allows her to do an original reading of Arenas’ texts from a new perspective of the paradigms of Postmodernity, assigning his writings a permanent transgressor dimension, in opposition to the official totalitarian discourse that the Cuban political power sustains. This relevant vision adds a different view to the studies on Reinaldo Arenas, and makes possible to categorize the work of the Cuban narrator as Postmodern and authentically revolutionary ... This work is a relevant text in the bibliography on Reinaldo Arenas. It is the result of a profound and meditated study that portrays a creator who, with a transcending humanist and ethical vision, has left as a legacy a powerful sense of commitment in the struggle for affirming the will to be ourselves against the monsters of our time." - Professor Reinaldo Sánchez (retired), Florida State University

"Informative, well written, and carefully documented, ... It is truly original and daring piece of criticism." - Prof. Santiago Juan-Navarro, Florida International University

Table of Contents

Preface, Prefacio
1. La sopecha del terror
2. Entree el terror y la iirealidad
3. La intemperie literaria
4. Entre Celestino antes alba y El asalto: hacia lo “irreal espantoso”
Índice onomástico

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