Portraits around Marc-Antoine Charpentier

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"Marc-Antoine Charpentier knew, or knew about, all the sitters in this imaginary portrait gallery. During my long pursuit of the composer in European archives and libraries, these same individuals have become my friends. ...I have constructed my portraits from historical evidence alone." Patricia Ranum (Preface)

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Gallery
Panel 1: The Charpentiers of Meaux
Panel 2: The Parisian Cousins
Panel 3: The Composer's Family
Panel 4: Family Friends
Panel 5: Roman Contacts
Panel 6: Charpentier's Collaborators
Panel 7: Discreet Commissions in Prestigious Locales
Panel 8: Elite Patrons
Panel 9: The Royal Houses of Bourbon and Orleans
Panel 10: The House of Guise
Panel 11: They Too Bear Witness
The Portrait at the End of the Gallery: Marc-Antoine Charpentier

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