Politics of Opera in Turn-Of-The-Century Italy as Seen Through the Letters Alfredo Catalani

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Catalani's letters contain a fascinating eyewitness account of the process of creating opera in turn-of-the-century Italy. They show what he and his contemporaries, among them Puccini, Mascagni, Leoncavallo, and Giordano, went through to obtain a libretto, arrange a premiere, and encourage subsequent productions of a new score. And, since there is no English-language biography of Catalani, this volume also provides readers not versed in Italian an opportunity to learn about the composer of La Wally and Loreley.


". . . to be commended for both its introductory notes, which provide a context for and summary of Catalani's life, and for the liveliness of the translation. His numerous and detailed notes betray a deep familiarity with the state of opera and operatic singers in Italy at the turn of the century and are a most welcome addition. This text will be a useful addition to any university or college library and will be enjoyed by an reader interested in opera." - Joseph T. Malloy

"From my perspective as a musicologist, I can attest to the value of Mr. Berrong's translation. Anyone who is pursuing research in the area of late 19th century Italian opera will find the letters a useful account, even a case study, of life in this milieu. It is important that this information is available in English to scholars." - Lydia Hamessley

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