Pedagogical Techniques and Methods of Flutist William Montgomery

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This book presents the teaching philosophies, pedagogical approaches, techniques, and methods of flutist William Montgomery. His concept of flute tone production, his philosophy of other aspects of flute playing, and his innovative approach to technical exercise have been documented for use by future generations of flutists. Many of the techniques and ideas he has developed reflect the pedagogical influence of his teachers, Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid. Montgomery, however, has developed his own approach to technical exercises, and frequently employs special or alternate and sensitive fingerings in his pedagogy.

Presenting the philosophies and methods of Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid demonstrates the continuities and establishes the innovations of William Montgomery’s pedagogy. Examining the methods for teaching tone production and vibrato, articulation, finger technique, musical expression and interpretation of both Moyse and Kincaid establishes a foundation from which to compare Montgomery’s methods and philosophies.


“This book is a ‘must-have’ for any flutist who is interested in exploring pedagogical concepts and techniques as they apply to both teaching and performing. Dr. Kirkpatrick provides clear and thorough biographical information about William Montgomery. Of significant interest is her explanation of the foundations of Montgomery’s teaching. Her sections on the pedagogy of Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid are superb summaries of the philosophies and techniques of those two giants and the French and American schools of flute playing ...” – Professor Pamela Youngblood, Texas Woman’s University

“Any good study covers a topic from more than one point of view. In this book, Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick takes several perspectives. Musicologically, she contributes to the history of twentieth-century flute playing. Pedagogically, she explains several important teaching techniques of Montgomery so that others may explore and benefit from his innovations ... Dr. Kirkpatrick’s contributions are as important as Montgomery’s, for she can, in this book, reach a wider audience that Montgomery reached with his teaching. Not only flutists, but other performers will be the beneficiary of his innovations, even if they have not had the advantage of studying with him themselves.” – Professor Robin Armstrong, McDaniel College

Table of Contents

Commendatory Preface
I. William Montgomery – A Musical Biography
II. The Foundation of William Montgomery’s Teaching
III. The Pedagogy of William Montgomery
IV. Articulation
V. Digital Technique
VI. Organization of Flute Pedagogy
VII. The Pedagogical Style of William Montgomery
VIII. Conclusion
Appendices 1 – 13

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