Performance Power Winning Ways to Face Your Audience

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Since all experts agree that stage fright in a proper dose adds a unique dimension to any presentation, it is not something that should be done away with, but rather a phenomenon to be used. This book covers the latest scientific evidence, mixed with age-old secrets on how to gain performance power. Creative visualization, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, the Alexander Technique, beta-blockers, and more are discussed. Everything you always wanted to know about overcoming stage fright is in this step-by-step guide which lead you to the land where fear is harnessed and butterflies fly in formation. The book has been endorsed by such luminaries as Eli Wallach, Theodore Mann, Georgette Klinger, Gay Talese, and Alan King. Well-researched, but still accessible and practical for both the professional and the neophyte.


"The perfect book for people who face the challenge of confronting audiences. I found it instructive and interesting." - Gay Talese

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