Biography of Samuel Chappuzeau, a Seventeenth-Century French Huguenot, Playwright, Scholar, Traveler, and Preacher

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Winner of the National Huguenot Society Award
This book attempts to bring attention to an overlooked French playwright. It offers a biographical approach to his scholarship and shows his broad influence on Moliere, Bayle, and Leibniz among others. While his work is not well known among scholars working outside of Theatre Studies, the authors show that his life was an important influence on Seventeenth Century European culture.


“It will be impossible to write anything about Chappuzeau without consulting this truly ground-breaking study."

Prof. William S. Brooks,
University of Bath

“The book is the result of worthwhile research and adds to seventeenth-century knowledge... it widens our understanding of Chappuzeau.”

Prof. Sabine Chaouche,
Oxford Brookes University

“Chappuzeau remains an intriguing, complex personality. This critical biography is based on a wealth of source material.”

Prof. Christopher Gossip
University of New England, Australia

Table of Contents

1. Samuel’s Background

2. Samuel the Playwright

3. Samuel the Poet and Novelist

4. Samuel the Traveler

5. Samuel the Scholar

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